Doomed interview with Vancouver Whitecaps owner Steve Nash crashed by his sweary friend

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Doomed interview with Vancouver Whitcaps owner Steve Nash crashed by his sweary, drunk friend
Doomed interview with Vancouver Whitcaps owner Steve Nash crashed by his sweary, drunk friend

(Warning: Video contains NSFW language.)

During the Los Angeles Galaxy's match against the Vancouver Whitecaps, a reporter for Time Warner Cable SportsNet (the Los Angeles Lakers' local broadcast partner) managed to get an interview with Lakers player and Whitecaps co-owner Steve Nash. This interview was doomed from the start for several reasons, not least of which was her first question: "Steve, I know you are a huge soccer fan, what brought you out tonight?"

"Uh, two things," Nash replied, illustrating his points with the corresponding number of fingers. "One, I'm one of the four owners of the Vancouver Whitecaps. And one of my best buddies, it's his bachelor party, so, um, I think he's bombing this interview ..."

Though the reporter already let off a grenade of her own with that first question, Nash's likely inebriated friend, nearly empty beer cup in hand, then walked into frame to drop a nuclear warhead that would finish the job.

"We gotta go," the bachelor tells the reporter with his back to the camera before expressing his displeasure with the officials by saying, "I'll tell you what I think of the [expletive] referee. Did you see that?"

The soon-to-be married gentleman was referring to a series of events several minutes earlier when an L.A. goal was initially disallowed for offside before the linesman and referee decided to overturn the decision and let the goal stand, putting the score at 1-1 in the 29th minute. Here's video...

Nash then expertly navigated his way through the rest of the brief interview before apologizing for his friend's cameo, saying: "I'm going to enjoy the game. I hope I didn't ruin the telecast with the poor behavior." He later posted a photo on Instagram with the caption, "@whitecapsfc vs @ galaxy for one of my best friends bachelor party. Due hard. Check him on YouTube cussing. Class act."

L.A. went on to win 2-1 by adding another goal in the 57th minute, which probably inspired Nash's friend to shout more swear words at the ref.

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