‘I don’t know why they should be favorites,’ said Wojciech Szczesny before Bayern beat Arsenal 3-1

Brooks Peck
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Bayern Munich made relatively easy work of Arsenal in the first leg of their Champions League round of 16 tie, winning 3-1 at the Emirates with their first two goals coming in the first 21 minutes. The result wasn't much of a surprise to anyone. Except Arsenal goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny.

Before the match, Szczesny told the Evening Standard:

“I don’t know why they should be favourites,” the goalkeeper said. “I wouldn’t bet money on this one. [...]

“Bayern are flying in the Bundesliga. They have fantastic individual players like [Arjen] Robben, [Franck] Ribery and [Manuel] Neuer in goal. They are very strong but we won’t be scared.”

Of course, you can't fault a player for believing in his team and wanting to be positive, but to say "I don't know why they should be favorites" is a bit silly. Bayern have a 15-point lead(!) atop the Bundesliga and had not allowed a goal in six straight matches(!!!) going into this one. Arsenal, meanwhile, are fifth in the Premier League and lost to a second division club in the FA Cup a few days ago.

Arsenal did prove they weren't scared by attempting a comeback from 2-0 down early in the second half and scoring the first goal Bayern have allowed in over 600 minutes of play. But it wasn't enough and Mario Mandzukic added a third away goal in the 77th minute. So that was just one of many reasons why it was a good thing Szczesny didn't bet on the match.

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