Domenech takes out frustration on World Cup ball

Brooks Peck

Mere days ago, well-paid Adidas ambassador Kaka defied the widespread moaning about the World Cup ball by refusing to betray his German overlords and say something bad about the ball — even going so far as to kiss it in front of the press.

During a Tuesday training session, Raymond Domenech, manager of Adidas-sponsored France, was not nearly as kind to the Adidas Jabulani, the official World Cup match ball. In a savage unleashing of the collective frustration of all the goalkeepers and strikers the ball has offended, Domenech threatened the Jabulani with the spear end of a training pole as a nervous Mathieu Valbuena looked on.

It's unclear what Domenech said to the ball as he attempted to intimidate it into acting more like the balls that everyone's used to, but it almost certainly included some kind of gutteral cries, jibberish threats, and a misguided request to introduce him to Tom Hanks.

We'll see if Domenech's efforts scare the ball into being any more likeable just in time for the start of the tournament.

Photo: AP

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