Domenech gambles on TV blackout

Martin Rogers

What's this? Players encouraged to go gambling and nightclubbing days before a big game?

No, it's not a throwback to the good old days of British football in the 1970s, when men were men and money was there to be splurged on beer or pressed into the sweaty palm of a corpulent bookmaker. It is France coach Raymond Domenech getting all hot and bothered about one of his country's most important games in years.

That's Scotland vs. Italy, in case you were wondering, where any outcome other than an Italian victory would leave Les Bleus needing to get a result on their tricky trip to Ukraine next week to qualify for Euro 2008.

Domenech is determined to stop his players from watching the game in Glasgow. He has threatened to disconnect all the television sets at their training base and came out with this cracker of a quote, which simply has to be our TOTT.


"Honestly, I'd rather my players were out playing poker all night on Saturday or spending their time in a nightclub than watching the game in Glasgow. At least then they'd be more focused on the Ukraine game." – Raymond Domenech, France national team coach

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