Dimitar Berbatov won’t be paying back Fiorentina for the plane ticket they bought him

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

To the surprise of only Fiorentina, Dimitar Berbatov's agent, Emil Dantchev, has declared that his client will not be repaying the Italian club for the plane tickets they bought him before Berbatov decided mid-flight that he would rather play for Juventus and then Fulham. After he signed for Fulham, Fiorentina's sporting director publicly stated that they want reimbursement from the player and his agent, but it sounds like they're going to be disappointed by Berbatov yet again.

From Sky Sports:

Emil Dantchev says that will not be happening, telling Tuttomercatoweb: "What about Fiorentina's request? It's an irrelevant question.

"Why should we pay for the plane? And because in Italy you take care so much about such a thing? Juventus and Fiorentina were two options for Dimitar, but then he chose England and coach Jol's Fulham. A choice that satisfies us fully."

Fiorentina's sporting director says he's still waiting, though. Just as The Berba himself waits for the beauty he met in a Shanghai coffee shop several years ago to call him.

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