Didier Drogba interviews Emmanuel Adebayor for Spurs TV

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

London derbies are always intense affairs -- especially when the stewards have cameras strapped to their heads to catch any and all bad behavior, as they did at White Hart Lane for Spurs' 1-1 draw against Chelsea.

After the match, Didier Drogba put any hard feelings aside, grabbed a Siberian Husky tail and went to work for Spurs TV by interviewing Emmanuel Adebayor. Didier proved to be a true pro, using the same stock questions professional journalists have asked him a billion times before. He did, however, throw in an explanation for why he was sweating so much and he made a few goofy faces that he must've learned from David Luiz.

Though Drogba does seem ready for a career in TV once his footballing days are over, there is still one last test for him as an interviewer: Questioning Harry Redknapp about Luka Modric's transfer status through his car window.

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