Deaf and blind Brazil fan's friends help him 'watch' World Cup through mini pitch, sign language

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Carlos is a deaf and blind Brazil fan whose great friends have helped him watch the World Cup with a unique setup.

Ahead of Brazil’s opening game versus Croatia last Thursday, the friends found a unique and creative way to interpret the matches for Carlos so that he would know exactly what was going on. They created a small soccer pitch with all the typical lines and markings and when the match began, that’s when the friends went to work. 

Helio Fonseca de Araujo, a sign language instructor, would guide Carlos’s hands along the pitch to mimic the action on television. The other friend would add detail by signing on Carlos’s back.

Great reaction to Marcelo’s own goal, but an even greater one when Neymar equalizes.

According to the New York Daily News, Carlos began losing his sight at age 14 after he was diagnosed with Usher syndrome, an incurable genetic disorder that typically leads to hearing loss and visual impairment. Now 27, Carlos is only able to see shapes and contours.

“We want him to feel the same sensations that (people who can see and hear) feel,” Helio said.

“When I posted the video, I was aiming to show that for everything in life there is a solution, so that other interpreters (can) use this with their friends or deaf and blind clients,” he said

The idea was all Carlos's and Helio added that he will do this for every Brazil match of this World Cup.

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