David Luiz laughs as Rafael gets sent off for kicking him in Chelsea win

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Though Chelsea's visit to Old Trafford was ultimately meaningless for Manchester United as they've already claimed the Premier League title and hung the championship banners, it was important for the visitors. Looking to lock down third place and a spot in the Champions League, Chelsea got off to a mediocre start that rambled into the second half.

Juan Mata finally broke the scoreless deadlock in the 87th minute with a goal deflected by Man United defender Phil Jones. Two minutes later, Chelsea gained a further advantage when Man United defender Rafael was sent off for kicking out at fellow Brazilian David Luiz near the corner flag. When Luiz went down, he curled up in the fetal position and laughed as he knew he took advantage of his international teammate's short temper. Chelsea went on to win 1-0.

The smile sparked outrage in some corners of the Internet since a player apparently must be in excruciating pain and/or dead for a red card to be justified and some Man United fans seemed to forget that they already won the title. But regardless of damage done, Rafael chose to respond to Luiz's goading and risk punishment by blatantly kicking at the back of his legs and referee Howard Webb chose to send him off for it. Anyone familiar with Luiz's personality, however, knows that it's clear he's physically incapable of doing anything other than laughing.

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