David Luiz gives presents to 1,000 kids, might be next Balotelli

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Wacky hair? Check. Baffling disciplinary issues on the pitch? Check. A penchant for playing jokes on teammates? Check. And now, David Luiz (who apparently now speaks English like a cross between Super Mario and Borat) can add impressive acts of generosity to the list of evidence that proves he might be following the Mario Balotelli path to unpredictable magnificence.

As part of a series for Chelsea's official website, Luiz shared how he celebrates Christmas back home in Brazil (when not playing a match every eight seconds over the holiday period in the Premier League) and it turns out he's more Santa Claus than Sideshow Bob.

"In Brazil I give a big party for 1,000 kids in my city [Diadema], and am giving them presents. It makes me very happy to help the kids, and it's very important to me at Christmas."

Of course, we don't know what presents he gives these 1,000 kids from his hometown and it could be nothing but pictures of himself making goofy faces and Ace Ventura DVD cases with a piece of cheese in place of the discs, but it's still a very nice holiday gesture from a 24-year-old. It can't be long now until he makes a surprise appearance inside an Italian women's prison.

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