This is David Beckham in a wonderland of his own underpants

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

You know those times when you go to a store in Germany and you're completely surrounded by packages of underwear with pictures of you on them? I don't just mean the standard couple of racks, I mean completely surrounded. Like, at any moment there could be an avalanche of your own brand of underpants that buries you alive. No? Really? Well, David Beckham does.

The same day France Football announced that Beckham is the world's highest earning footballer (even though he's donating his wages from PSG to charity), the 37-year-old presented his line of bodywear for H&M in Berlin. And if that smirk is anything to go by, he doesn't plan on paying for the boxes he already hid under his coat.

It was just the latest example of the surreal existence that is David Beckham's daily life. And yes, it included an underwear autographing session...

"Here's a box of my underpants. I've signed it, 'To Horst, may you forever enjoy these garments free of wedgies and unspeakable accidents. Your pal, David Beckham.'"

So that's David Beckham. The richest footballer on the planet, married to a Spice Girl turned respected fashion designer and standing in a store full of women giddily applauding him with giant posters of his crotch as a background. As you can tell by his expression in the picture above, he has no idea what's real anymore. But he definitely likes it.

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