David Beckham poses as Target employee, has women sniff his leg

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

No, the global economic crisis has not forced David Beckham to take a second job at Target to support the newest addition to his family, he's actually just resumed his hidden camera pranks for The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Once again playing a character called "Ricky" (as he did while telling a masseuse that he "has skin like baby peaches"), Davey Becks this time poses as a bespectacled singing Target employee tasked with spraying customers with the new David Beckham cologne. While saying and doing everything Ellen tells him to do. Some highlights:

-Getting several women to sniff the cologne sample on his leg.
-Having trouble with the phrase "rustic scent."
-Telling inquisitive customers that he's from Australia and shouting "howdy partner!"
-His country rendition of "Lady in Red."
-His new hit song, "If You Stink, Come and Buy Cologne."
-Trying to get a reluctant man to steal his cologne.

So there you go. Good fun for all and perhaps a new career option for when it's time to retire from playing football?

Video via KCKRS

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