This is David Beckham playing Egg Russian Roulette with Jimmy Fallon

Dirty Tackle

When the world's most famous footballer agrees to come on your talk show, why spend the time talking to him when you can get him to crack eggs on his head?

To be fair, Jimmy Fallon did interview David Beckham on Friday evening's Late Night show, but he also engaged him in his amusing semi-regular feature: Egg Russian Roulette.

The former Manchester Utd star was forced to pick from a carton of a dozen football-decorated eggs, knowing two thirds of them were hard boiled and the rest were raw. He and the future Tonight Show host then proceeded to take it in turns to put egg on their faces — in the literal sense, not in the metaphorical our-only-January-signing-is-already-injured sense.

Goldenballs is a good sport throughout the game, even if he chooses to avoid getting any egg on his beautiful visage by smashing them into his hair instead. He ends up losing the game, but with all that nutritious egg protein soaking into his luscious locks, he knows he's actually the winner.

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