David Beckham will only answer your phone during his press conference if it’s made by his sponsor

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Speaking to the press ahead of the MLS Cup final, his last match in the league, David Beckham once again proved that MLS is losing not just a star player, but a media-charming ambassador and genetically engineered pitchman.

As he began to comment about how the arrival of manager Bruce Arena transformed the Beckham-era L.A. Galaxy into the defending champions they are today, one journalist's phone (doubling as a voice recorder) received a call. Beckham interrupted himself to look at it and offered to answer it before adding, "It's not Samsung, sorry, I can't." With Samsung being one of his many sponsors, there is no way to know if this was some kind of genius staged advertisement or evidence that he is just that good at being a 24/7 product endorser. It's like the corporate shilling equivalent to watching him curl in a free kick.

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