David Beckham has Michael Jordan as his personal restaurant guide

With David Beckham playing his last match for the LA Galaxy in the MLS Cup final, there is a lot being written about whether his six years in America have been a success for him, the league and the sport. The answer appears to be an easy "yes" all around, but for Beckham himself, this time has definitely been greatly productive if only because he comes away from it with basketball legend Michael Jordan as his personal concierge.

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When he joined Real Madrid, Beckham adopted Jordan's shirt number of 23 because he was (and is) a big fan of the former Chicago Bulls (and Washington Wizards) star as a person and athlete. Beckham continued to wear the number when he joined the Galaxy and being in the U.S., he not only became a courtside attraction at Lakers games, but also got the chance to become friends with Jordan. In an interview with ESPN, Beckham admitted that this friendship has its benefits.

Said Beckham:

"I actually spoke to him the other day. I was at their party and he said: 'You know let's just exchange numbers and we'll speak to each other.'

"And then I called him up, I think I was in Washington, and I said: 'I know you've spent a bit of time here, I need a restaurant. Can you tell me a nice Italian restaurant?'

"And he told me a great Italian restaurant. And we talk to each other from time to time and for me to even talk to him is a real honor. [...]

"My friend was like: 'C'mon really? Really? Usually you call a directory for a restaurant. Now you are calling Michael Jordan.'

"It's funny."

Having Michael Jordan as your human Siri? Not bad. But since Beckham has ruled out joining another MLS club or the soon to be reborn New York Cosmos, he won't be able to use Jordan's services for much longer. Then again, Jordan could very well know of a number of great Italian restaurants in Monaco or Australia or any of the other 12 dozen places in the world Beckham is rumored to be considering for the last stop of his playing career.

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