There’s a David Beckham impersonator playing in the FA Cup

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

While the real David Beckham prepares to take on San Jose in the next round of the MLS playoffs, a semi-professional footballer who impersonates him is preparing to play Plymouth in the first round of the FA Cup. Conference South club Dorchester Town beat the odds to qualify for the oldest football competition in the world (and one that Beckham has won twice) and now 27-year-old midfielder/professional Beckham lookalike Jamie Gleeson will try to confuse the viewing audience in his first match on live TV.

From the BBC:

Like any non-league side Dorchester's team include electricians, builders, a full-time house husband who is a father of triplets (boys), but Gleeson's impersonating job is by far the most glamorous.

"I started off at Southampton but it didn't really work out," he added.

"I do a bit of care for a bloke in a wheelchair. I'm a David Beckham impersonator also while a lot of the boys say I look like Rylan from X Factor. I don't really see it."

On Gleeson's profile he is listed as having the attributes of "lookalike, soundalike, interactive, presenter and other skills." Plymouth are probably hoping that crossing the ball and taking free kicks like Beckham aren't those other skills.

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