David Beckham describes Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s ego as ‘a super type’

Brooks Peck
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It didn't take long for David Beckham and Zlatan Ibrahimovic to embrace each other (literally) as PSG teammates, but now Beckham has revealed his first-hand observations on what we all knew about Zlatan's ego.

In an interview with L'Equipe, Beckham shared his thoughts on the towering monument to martial grace that is Zlatan. From Goal.com:

"Everyone has an ego, but his is of a super type. Before I finish here, I will know the player. I have seen him play at many of the biggest clubs in the world, but I have never known him as a teammate. Now, yes," he said. "I have only been at the club three weeks, but I have never met many players in my career who are as professional as Zlatan."

Beckham didn't just talk about Zlatan's superior ego, though. He also reassured France that he is more than just a shirt salesman.

"If I can contribute to the club selling many shirts, no problem, that's good! It's great to see so many people wearing my shirt," Beckham told L'Equipe. "In the past at clubs that I have played, I've heard the same thing, that I would sell shirts. It was like that at Man Utd, Real Madrid, AC Milan and LA Galaxy.

"I am very proud people buy my shirt, but I can still play a bit of football, I can assure you."

That kind of sounds like someone who says "I'm really hip and cool, I assure you." Clearly Beckham has a lot to learn from Zlatan in the art of expressing confidence.

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