David Beckham demonstrates why taking a free kick in a suit isn’t a great idea

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

David Beckham is touring China as the country's first global football ambassador. His duties include promotion of the Chinese Super League, which has recently suffered from several major match-fixing scandals, promotion of the game within China and just being David Beckham. With that last task in mind, he's been combining the two things he does best as he criss-crosses China: wearing suits and playing football. And on the fourth day of his trip, that unnatural mix finally caught up to him.

While demonstrating his free kick technique to Wuhan Zall Football Club, Beckham's ill-suited footwear landed him on his backside. He was able to laugh it off, but these will probably end up being the lasting images of the trip.

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So remember: If you're going to be a football ambassador for China, always pack a pair of boots with the wingtips.

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