David Beckham in Afghanistan (and heavily armed)

Brooks Peck

Davey Becks was kind enough to visit British troops in Afghanistan to boost morale and enjoy some good publicity. While there, he wore his camouflage pants and Armani t-shirt while signing autographs and getting what was surely detailed training on how to operate the most photogenic weaponry at the camp.

Join us now as we take a look at Davey's new post on the front lines.

It's Beckham. On the march!

Here he is giving a large machine gun a try. Watch out, David. It looks like your barrel is all plugged up.

Look out, Taliban forces. David Beckham is taking aim for you. And he'll fire that gun just as soon as he applies a more wind-resistant product to his hair.

David may seem relaxed, but he's always ready to jump into action and fire his grenade machine gun atop that Jackal patrol vehicle should the need arise. Just as soon as he finishes discussing how annoying it is when Eva Longoria comes over to chat while you're trying to enjoy your floor seats at the Lakers game.

"Are you sure you want jump out of the plane, David? That's not a parachute you're wearing and we're over the ocean."

Best weekend away from the wife and kids ever!!

Photos: Reuters, AP

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