Darren Mattocks brings high jump to MLS with header against Toronto

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

(Mattocks' Michael Jordan impression at 6:30 into the video above)

With a mighty leap, Vancouver's Darren Mattocks showed why he's one of MLS's most impressive talents, scored a late equalizer and gave Toronto defender Logan Emory a headache. It started with a pretty ridiculous long cross into the box that the 21-year-old Mattocks casually rode an invisible elevator over both Emory and outstretched Toronto keeper Milos Kocic to head into the net at the start of injury time.

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It takes a couple of viewings to see just how high Mattocks got to ensure his opponents didn't have a chance to reach the ball (and how he kneed Emory in the head on the way up), but the still image below is pretty effective in getting Mattocks' point across too.

Born in Jamaica, Mattocks now has six goals in his first nine appearances since Vancouver made him the second pick in January's draft. He also suffered one of the league's stranger injuries by burning his shoulder while cooking back in March. Given all that, he is clearly a person to keep an eye on.

As stunning as Mattocks' second goal of the night was, Toronto still managed to find a winner at the very end of the four minutes of injury time to take the match 3-2.

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