Newcastle’s Danny Simpson beaten unconscious after night out in Manchester

Dirty Tackle

Danny Simpson hasn't played for Newcastle in 2013 after breaking his toe in the 7-3 December loss to Arsenal, but it appears the defender has not exactly been keeping himself out of harm's way.

The Sun allege that the 25-year-old was involved in a drunken brawl at 4am on Sunday morning, following a night out in his native Manchester. The video above shows the bloodied state his assailants left him in. ESPN have more detail on the ruckus:

According to the newspaper, Simpson became involved in a scuffle with another man whilst queuing for food after leaving the Circle Club. After getting into a taxi, Simpson was reportedly hauled out of it by another man and punched to the ground, where he remained bleeding and unconscious for 15 minutes before an ambulance arrived.

"He was definitely drunk," the paper reported an eyewitness as saying.

Simpson has since tweeted that he is fine, adding that he was left in such a bad state because the fight was "2 on 1". A spokesperson for the right-back — who has courted plenty of tabloid inches recently on account of his chaotic love life — also confirmed that he is fine and will return to training as normal.

The Guardian say that the police are not investigating the incident, but his employers will definitely be curious as to why one of their injured players interrupted his recuperation with a spot of drinking and fighting outside a takeaway restaurant at 4am.

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