Daniel Sturridge thinks Liverpool are the biggest club in Premier League

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Excited to get another chance to prove that he's not a self-centered underachiever, 23-year-old Daniel Sturridge has declared his new club the biggest in the Premier League. Even though they have technically never won a league title in the Premier League era.

From Liverpool's official website:

"It is the biggest club I have ever played for. In the Premier League, there is no bigger club than Liverpool," said Sturridge.

"I thank the boss for giving me an opportunity to play for a club like this and I thank God for making it possible.

"It's amazing for the manager to put such faith in me. The only way I can repay him is by doing a job on the football field.

"For him to pay money for me and to have faith in me and show everybody around the world that he is prepared to take a chance on me, I don't think I'll ever be able to repay him for that.

"As a young player, when you play for big clubs you can sometimes get caught up in it and you never get another opportunity to play for another big club.

"So I'm grateful the manager has given me this chance and that he believes in me. I'm just glad to be here."

Sturridge, who has previously played for Man City and joined Liverpool from Chelsea, is already getting mocked for his comments by people who take things said by 23-year-olds eager to endear themselves to their new club. Of course Liverpool are traditionally a big club and of course they are currently sitting eighth in the table and haven't qualified for the Champions League in a few years and of course Manchester United have surpassed Liverpool's old record of 18 domestic league titles. That's all information to consider when you want to make an accurate statement, which probably wasn't Sturridge's aim.

As happy as he is to get another chance to prove himself, Sturridge will probably next declare Liverpool the world's biggest search engine or the best tasting tiramisu in Europe.

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