Daniel Craig thinks Steven Gerrard would make a good James Bond

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Actor Daniel Craig is out promoting his third turn as 007 in the new Bond film "Skyfall" and though he's signed on to play the secret agent in two more films after this one, he's already nominating a possible successor: Liverpool and England captain Steven Gerrard.

From Liverpool's official website:

"Who would I rather be, captain of Liverpool or Bond?" asked Craig. "Well I don't think I could keep up any more so Bond will do but Steven Gerrard would make a good Bond.

"He is a good leader so you know what, seriously, who knows?"

Now, it's worth noting that Craig is a big Liverpool fan and he visited with the team in Boston during the preseason so it's clear that even major movie stars are prone to seeing their favorite club's captain through rose-colored glasses. It's also worth noting that he wasn't even asked about Gerrard -- he just volunteered that idea as if he's been privately considering it for some time now. I mean, Jonjo Shelvey could definitely be a young Blofeld, but a Bond who is only concerned with keeping Phil Collins on the playlists of the world's top DJs would be weird (yet probably still better than Quantum of Solace).

At the very least, Gerrard would have to be better than Wayne Rooney playing Bond. Here's proof...

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