Daniel Agger is playing with a fractured kneecap and ‘enjoying’ it

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Liverpool defender Daniel Agger is man who seems to relish pain. He has a giant back tattoo of a viking graveyard, after all. He is now confirming this theory by playing with a small fracture in his kneecap that he picked up during Liverpool's loss to Manchester United last month. Not only is he playing with it, but he's having a delightful time as he does so.

From ESPN:

"I feared the worst when it happened," Agger was quoted as saying in the Liverpool Echo. "When I tried to get up the muscle in my knee just didn't work. I felt really unsteady and the medical staff thought I had done my ligaments.

"I thought it was a bad one and that I would be out for months. But, thankfully, it was just a really hard knock to the knee. I've got a small fracture in the bone but it's only a minor thing. It's not a problem. I only started training again last Friday but I was fine for the Norwich game.

"I felt really comfortable and I'm enjoying it. I think I deserved a bit of luck after the problems I've had in the past."

Being able to play with a fractured kneecap isn't luck, it shows that he takes the cliches tattooed on his body more seriously than most. He has the words "pain is temporary, victory is forever" tattooed on his ankle. Now if Liverpool can just help him with that victory part...

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