Daniel Agger hits young boy in the face with ball, apologizes and gives him his shirt

Dirty Tackle

Denmark will host Italy in a crucial World Cup Qualifier on Friday, with the hope of earning at least a point to increase their chances of earning the play-off place in UEFA Group B.

The Danes were preparing at their Helsingør training camp on Tuesday when one of the players took a shot at goal and it went wide, hitting a young boy in the face. Naturally, you would assume that the wayward shot belonged to Nicklas Bendtner, but it was actually centre-back Daniel Agger.

When he noticed that he had floored the young boy, Agger did the decent thing and jumped the barrier to see if he was alright. Not only did the big Dane offer an apology, but he also gave the kid the shirt off of his back. It was a classy move from the 28-year-old.

Reports that Agger subsequently gave the boy an apology face tattoo are unconfirmed.

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