Dalglish laments that Carroll won’t buy him drinks at Boyzone shows

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

When Fabio Capello announced to the world that he warned Andy Carroll to drink less beer, the logical next step was to ask Liverpool manager and Andy Carroll's Boyzone concert companion, Kenny Dalglish, what he thought of his young striker's drinking habits. So, on Friday, the press did just that.

From Sky Sports:

"Well he's never bought me a drink," said Dalglish. "I've been with him at Boyzone concerts and he's still never bought me a drink!"

"Whatever Andy has done, he has done it very well, and somebody else's opinion is up to them. But he cannot be criticised in any way, shape or form for what he has done since he has been here.

"He's done really well to get where he is, so I think Andy is focused on his football."

OK, two things about that first statement. 1) Boyzone concerts? As in they been to multiple Boyzone shows together? Is Kenny trying to say that they're both Boyzone groupies? And 2) If Andy isn't buying drinks even for his Boyzone date, then he's obviously hoarding them all for himself. Maybe Fabio was right after all.

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