The Daily Mail plagiarizes Dirty Tackle

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Plagiarism is never a fun subject, but when the world's most popular news website is the one doing it, something needs to be said. In a post about Shakira trying to teach several Barcelona players how to dance during her concert on Sunday night, I ended with a reference to our running joke from the "If it continued..." series.

Here are the last two sentences:

Pique then felt up his girlfriend while a stadium full of people watched (again) and the footballers returned to their place in the front row. At which point Busquets fell down clutching his face.

Hardly anything worth plagiarizing there, right? Well, The Daily Mail disagrees...


Not only is the last sentence copied word for word, but so are the 11 boring words that end the sentence before it. Lame! In a kind of flattering way.

Of course, the Daily Mail's reputation is far from admirable, but ripping off lines from nonsensical football blogs is pretty low even for them.

And in other plagiarism news, Bleacher Report swiped bits from an entire series of posts from The Equaliser. But they were at least "good" enough to take down the offending article.

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