Crucified Neymar appears on Brazilian magazine cover as martyr for divers

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Brazilian sports magazine Placar decided to depict a crucified Neymar on the cover of their latest issue. The image was inspired by a 1970s issue of Spanish magazine Don Balon, which depicted Johan Cruyff in almost exactly the same way.

The Placar cover reads "the Brazilian ace turns scapegoat in a sport where everyone plays dirty," in reference to the frequent criticism that he goes to ground too easily -- which, as Placar argues, everyone else does too (except for Liverpool players, according to Brendan Rodgers).

So at 20 years old, Neymar has already been crucified for the sins of football. As sad as that is, the most pressing question becomes: does Kaka belong to Neymar now?

UPDATE: The bishops are outraged.