Croatian coach sacked for stealing player’s credit card and buying 36 bottles of Jägermeister

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Jozo Gašpar performing his duty as a credit card inspector (
Jozo Gašpar performing his duty as a credit card inspector (

Josip 'Jozo' Gašpar played for Dinamo Zagreb for most of the 1990s, and was most recently the coach of Croatian lower league side NK Prečko Zagreb. The former midfielder, however, was relieved of his managerial duties at the beginning of April due to an incident in which he apparently stole a player's credit card and used it to buy an unfathomable amount of alcohol.

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The Dinamo legend was fired because he is suspected of stealing a credit card from one of his own players from the locker room! Supposedly, he used the card to purchase 36 bottles of Jägermeister.

According to Croatian news site, the Jäger spending spree cost nearly 4,000 Croatian Kuna (about $680). Jozo tried to return to the same liquor store to buy even more delicious German digestifs (because 36 bottles weren't enough, obviously) but the transaction was declined as he had exceeded the credit limit of the card. At this point, he was also recognised by the store surveillance camera and subsequently taken into custody.

With no job and most of Croatia chuckling at his stupidity, Jozo could probably really use one of those Jäger bottles right now.

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