Cristiano Ronaldo shows up his teammates with clap push-ups

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Doing normal push-ups is for people who don't have giant images of them in their underpants projected on the sides of buildings in major cities around the world, so, naturally, Cristiano Ronaldo has adopted a different technique from the rest of his teammates. 

While every other Real Madrid player did regular push-ups during a recent training session, Ronaldo opted to do clap push-ups finished off with a scorpion kick up to his feet. Because he knows that even training is a performance. 

But for every 15 clap push-ups Ronaldo is doing in front of the cameras, Gareth Bale must be doing 50 pinky push-ups away from them... 

(Real Madrid)
(Real Madrid)

"I'd roll my shorts up too, but I'm pretty sure it would be considered an international declaration of war to show off these cannons." — Gareth Bale, probably

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