Cristiano Ronaldo reportedly promised Real Madrid’s physios a car if he won the Ballon d’Or

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Cristiano Ronaldo has never been shy about recognizing his own hard work, but he also knows that he hasn't done it alone. According to Marca, Ronaldo promised to buy Real Madrid's physio team a car if he won the Ballon d'Or. And now that he has done just that, it's time to pay up.

From Marca:

A small part of the Ballon d'Or that he was awarded last Monday was also for the physios that work with him, and that is why the player has said on numerous occasions that he would buy them a car if he won the Ballon d'Or or if Real Madrid won its much-awaited "Décima" (tenth Champions League trophy).

The promise was made during one of the many long sessions that the Portuguese has being treated on the physio table. And Cristiano Ronaldo is a man who doesn't make promises lightly.

It's unclear if he will give each member of the staff their own car or if they'll have to carpool with one, but Ronaldo has reportedly rewarded their contributions to keeping him fit and ready for underwear photoshoots in the past with mobile phones, iPads and watches. So that might explain all the thumbs up in the photo above.

Given Lionel Messi's injury troubles last year, maybe he should start incentivizing his physio staff (and accountants) with high-end swag, as well.

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