Cristiano Ronaldo pays back Jose Mourinho for ‘Real Ronaldo’ jibe with signature free kick

Before it was decided that Chelsea would play Real Madrid in the International Champions Cup final in Miami, Cristiano Ronaldo became the latest former colleague singed by Jose Mourinho's Real Madrid bridge burning campaign. "I was manager for the first time in the 2000 year but, before that, I was assistant in big clubs and with big managers and coaching the best players in the world so I was 30 and I was coaching Ronaldo, not this one [Cristiano], the real one, the Brazilian Ronaldo," Mourinho told ESPN.

When this comment got back to Cristiano in the lead-up to his first match against his former manager, he played it cool and told reporters, "I prefer to remember the good things from coaches. I don't spit on the plate from which I eat and I don't speak about people who say bad things about me."

Well, it seems Cristiano subscribes to the "don't get mad, get even" credo because in the 31st minute of the match, he pinged a free kick off the bottom of the crossbar to put Real Madrid up 2-1 on their ex-coach. Ronaldo then cockily turned in Mourinho's direction and pointed to himself as if to say, "checkmate, dingus."

Real Madrid opened the scoring with a goal from Marcelo set up by Ronaldo in the 14th minute. Marcelo then had a few aggressive words for the Chelsea bench, but Ramires equalized just two minutes later by chipping another target of Mourinho's derision, Iker Casillas.

UPDATE: Cristiano Ronaldo scored again in the 57th minute to make it 3-1. If there is a Ronaldo Highlander, he's showing Mourinho that is it right now.