Cristiano Ronaldo has his own bodyguards and suite at the Portugal team hotel

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This kind of suite provides ample room for C-Ron's hair products (
This kind of suite provides ample room for C-Ron's hair products (

Portugal is one of many European nations currently facing economic crisis, but the Portuguese Football Federation has somehow been granted a hefty budget of €33,000 ($42,000) per day to keep the squad accommodated in the same hotel that France is using (and where Franck Ribery probably sleeps in his special alone-time sauna machine). To put this budget in perspective, Futbolita notes that its debt-laden neighbors in Spain are operating on just €4,000 ($5,000) a day.

Furthermore, Portuguese radio show "Fora de joc" has reported that Cristiano Ronaldo is getting preferential treatment with his own entourage and private suite. Reported from

The Real Madrid striker has two unique bodyguards to ensure total peace of mind, and has the privilege of being the only national team player who stays in his own hotel suite.

The disparity of treatment between C-Ron and the rest of the squad could easily be a source of conflict in the camp, but if the star winger is kept in luxurious isolation at least none of his teammates will hear his wimpers when rival fans chant Messi's name from the streets below.

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