Cristiano Ronaldo now has his own social network

Cristiano Ronaldo recently announced plans to open a museum dedicated to himself in his hometown. "That's great!" you say, while wearing nothing but Cristiano Ronaldo brand underpants. "But what am I supposed to do when the museum is closed or when they kick me out for trying to live inside the exhibits?" Well, you're in luck, because now Ronaldo has launched his own social network to ensure his fans can obsess over him to an all-consuming degree.

From a business perspective, his own social network was a logical step. Ronaldo is, after all, the most popular athlete on both Facebook and Twitter by a wide margin with more than 90 million combined fans/followers. The network — appropriately called Viva Ronaldo (just no one tell Brazilian Ronaldo) — is comprised of a website and a mobile app, which features a variety of Ronaldo themed activities.

Members can play Ronaldo games, be Ronaldo's virtual friend (meaningful human friendship not included), view Ronaldo's (PR team) postings from Facebook and Twitter collected in one handy place, win a chance to meet Ronaldo and cheer Ronaldo by uploading photos and videos of which Ronaldo will pick his favorites — current theme: "Be creative and show how the Christmas spirit can inspire you to support Ronaldo!" If that makes sense to you, then this is definitely the social network for you.

From Marca:

"It is a unique experience that we are offering my fans from around the world," Ronaldo remarked, as well as promising to "actively" participate in the virtual community which will be officially launched on Sunday in Funchal, the city where the Real Madrid player was born.

This is all a precursor to the inevitable Church of Ronaldo, which will make Scientology look like a flexible neighborhood bookclub.

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