Cristiano Ronaldo is multiplying (and talking to himself) for commercial purposes

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

If you need to do an ad for a Portuguese bank, what could possibly be better than having Cristiano Ronaldo star in it? Having Lionel Messi two Cristiano Ronaldos. And Banco Espirito Santo agrees.

It's an idea so genius that only Cristiano Ronaldo himself could have come up with it while daydreaming about Cristiano Ronaldo as he looked at himself in the mirror. Of course, it won't do much to change the minds of people who think he's too vain and self-centered, but who needs those people when you've got a clone of yourself to go jogging with?

In the ad, Ronaldo multiplies in order to push himself forward. It's unclear what that has to do with a bank, but Manchester United have already put in a bid for the second Ronaldo in the hopes that he'll be a bit cheaper than the one they let go.

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