Cristiano Ronaldo left with bloody face after taking elbow to the eye, scores anyway

Cristiano Ronaldo has been accused of being soft many times over the years, but in Real Madrid's match against Levante, he showed that a little blood in his eye can't keep him from scoring.

In the opening minutes of the match, Cristiano took an elbow to the eye from Levante's David Nevarro. It opened up a cut just below his eyebrow that gushed blood down into his eye, but after he got it cleaned and covered, he played on. And in the 21st minute, with the pitch like an over-saturated sponge, Ronaldo used his one good eye to line up a lovely volley and score the match's first goal.

UPDATE: Ronaldo was subbed off at halftime as a precaution (he was also carrying a yellow card) for defender Raul Albiol.

UPDATE II: After Real Madrid beat Levante 2-1, Jose Mourinho told the press that Ronaldo was taken out because he lost vision in both eyes. He will undergo tests at a hospital in Madrid when the team returns home.

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