Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t sad at Real Madrid anymore!

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

The mysterious sadness that inexplicably took hold of Cristiano Ronaldo five months ago has now lifted. So you can blow out the candles for your nightly vigil and resume living a carefree existence as the burden of a sad Ronaldo no longer needs to weigh heavy on your mind.

Way back in September, Ronaldo told the press that he didn't celebrate his first two goals of the season in Madrid's 3-0 win against Granada because "I don't celebrate goals when I am feeling sad and that's the case today." He wouldn't give the reason why he felt sad, except to say, "The people who work here know why and I won't say any more than that." He later added that it had nothing to do with money, but in the months that followed he has kept quiet on the subject. Except for that face he pulled after Lionel Messi won the Ballon d'Or again.

And now, in an interview with AS, Ronaldo has revealed that his sadness is behind him. He also reiterated that it wasn't about money. From ESPN:

"Yes, something has changed because I am doing what I like, which is playing football and I feel very good on the field and with my team-mates," Ronaldo said. "Maybe I have also changed my way of thinking and being. At this moment I feel better than I did then." [...]

"The contract renewal is a subject I do not want to talk about. It does not concern me now. The only important thing now is the team and we will speak at the end of the season. I swear by my son that my 'unhappiness' was never a question of money. It was not."

We can only guess what helped Ronaldo climb out of his funk. So let's get to it...

-His son finally stopped chanting "Messi, Messi, Messi."
-Real Madrid somehow went yet another transfer window without selling Kaka.
-He watched Florentino Perez walk into a glass door.
-He realized his girlfriend is really attractive.
-Michael Essien finally stopped calling Jose Mourinho "daddy" in public.
-Angel Di Maria started using deodorant.
-Kaka smiled.
-He got Siri to say that he's the best footballer in the world.
-Les Miserables was better than he expected it to be.
-Raphael Varane healed him after his masterful performance against Barcelona.
-He found Luka Modric hiding under his car seat.
-He tried onion rings for the first time.
-Sergio Ramos stopped sitting at his lunch table.
-Sergio Ramos stopped saying "wassaaaaaap" at the start of training every morning.
-Sergio Ramos stopped borrowing his razors to shave not his face.
-Sergio Ramos stopped asking how his mom is in that really creepy way.
-Sergio Ramos just generally cooled it on the Ramosy behavior.

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