Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t returning to Manchester United anytime soon

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Months of presumptuous and fanciful stories linking Cristiano Ronaldo to a sentimental return to Manchester United and a silly campaign organized by the club's fans to crowd-source money for his transfer fee have finally been put to rest by the man himself. Speaking at a school in Singapore, apparently just after returning from a vacation on the surface of the sun, Ronaldo said, "I really miss English football." But that doesn't mean he's rushing back to it.

"I really, really miss," he said. "But now my life is in Spain and I'm enjoy to play there too. Part of my life is there. In the future we never know, but I'm really, really happy in the Spanish league at the moment."

This comes two weeks after Ronaldo denied reports that he signed a contract extension with Real Madrid. Early last season he said he was sad, but refused to explain why. This mystery went on for several months before he finally announced that he felt better, though he still refused to discuss the possibility of a contract extension.

Anyway, here's the most Cristiano Ronaldo picture of all time...

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