Cristiano Ronaldo gets a Madame Tussauds waxwork

The last time I went to Madame Tussauds, they had a waxwork of Paul Gasgoigne in his Italia '90 kit, and another of Cher wearing something a woman of her age really shouldn't (she was probably about 73 at the time). Things haven't changed a lot since then - it's still an incredibly creepy place filled with dead stares and overzealous tourists - but they've made an effort to update the exhibits. Ahead of the World Cup, they yesterday unveiled a sculpture of Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portugal winger who was recently voted the most handsome man in football (by Cristiano Ronaldo).

AFP bring the details:

The waxwork depicts the world's most expensive player wearing the new Portugal strip as he strikes his distinctive pre-free kick pose.

The world-famous museum said the figure took four months to create and cost around 150,000 pounds (218,000 US dollars, 180,000 euros).

$218,000 sounds like an awful lot for a waxwork, but with the Portuguese star's rumoured $266,000 weekly wage, he could easily afford to buy one every week. In fact, knowing his vanity, it's very likely he will buy one every week. The next lady lucky enough to be squired back to his enchanted love palace can surely look forward to a bedroom full of C-Ron waxworks, each in a slightly different state of undress, catching the light from his mirrored walls...

Image: Getty

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