Cristiano Ronaldo gets last word on Blatter spat by celebrating goal with ‘commander’ salute

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Cristiano Ronaldo has already had his say about FIFA president Sepp Blatter's disparaging comments comparing him to Lionel Messi and Blatter has apologized, but Ronaldo wasn't done just yet. He followed up two goals from Gareth Bale by scoring from the penalty spot to put Real Madrid up 3-0 on Sevilla and after he did so, he and Marcelo saluted each other.

This was a reference to Blatter's remark that, "The other one [Ronaldo], he is like a commander of the field of play." Blatter then stood up before the Oxford Union and marched around like a drunk hobo in an odd impression of what such a commander does. So, Ronaldo gave a salute like any good commander would.

Now that Ronaldo has had the last word in goal celebration form, this might finally be the end of the matter. And for that we can all be thankful.

UPDATE: Cristiano scored a second goal just before the hour mark to make it 5-2 in Real Madrid's favor. What now, Sepp Blatter?

UPDATE II: And he completed his hat trick in the 71st minute to make it 6-3. Point made.

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