Cristiano Ronaldo buys his own Cryotherapy chamber because he is ‘hooked’ on treatment

(Getty/Yahoo composite)
(Getty/Yahoo composite)

The World Cup play-off draw has thrown Portugal and Sweden together, meaning next summer's tournament will be without either Cristiano Ronaldo or The Mighty Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

In the race for a World Cup place, C-Ron appears to have the advantage: not only is he surrounded by a better team, but he will be chilling out in his very own Cryotherapy chamber up until the November play-offs.

According to Spanish paper El Mundo, the Real Madrid star has been enjoying bi-weekly Cryotherapy sessions at a luxury gym near his home in the La Finca suburb of Madrid. The chamber, which is roughly the size of a shower cubicle, exposes the body to temperatures that come close to -200°C (-328°F) for two to three minutes, with the intention of stimulating muscle regeneration to aid post-match recovery. Essentially, it's a very fancy ice bath.

El Mundo note that the chamber can make a person feel calmness, pleasure or even euphoria thanks to the endorphins that are released by the extreme cold. Some compare the sensation to sex, which may be why the Portuguese star has become "hooked" on the sessions and has decided to install his own private chamber.

Ronaldo's giant sex machine will cost him €45,000 ($61,500) plus regular visits from the liquid nitrogen delivery man. He may also receive regular visits from Franck Ribery, as the Bayern Munich star is also a fan of "releasing his endorphins"...


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