Craig Bellamy pours water over referee during Cardiff victory over Manchester City

Dirty Tackle

As noted earlier on DT, Cardiff City earned their first ever Premier League victory on Sunday with a surprise 3-2 win over Manchester City. Prior to the match, City legend Mike Summerbee said the title contenders were wrong to let Craig Bellamy leave the club, telling Wales Online that they "would have to watch out for him."

As it turned out, the one man on the field who should have been watching out for the Cardiff captain was referee Lee Probert, who ended up having an entire bottle of water poured over his head by the Welshman during a break in play.

It is not clear how the 34-year-old striker was allowed to get away this aqua-dissent, but the ref clearly took the playful drenching as "banter." (When dealing with a man who is known to settle disagreements with his fists or a golf club, this kind of reaction is quite sensible.)

Last season, Probert showed he is not as humorless as a typical match official by issuing a hilarious pretend red card as he lay on the ground after being taken out by a tackle between Fulham's Steve Sidwell and Wigan's Ben Watson.

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