Couple in Singapore hold insane Liverpool-themed wedding ceremony

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Having spent time in Singapore, I can personally vouch for the fact that the locals love them some Premier League. One couple with a particularly disproportionate affection for a league that takes place over 6,000 miles from their home is the newly pronounced Mr and Mrs Han, who themed their nuptials entirely around their favorite Merseyside club.

As the highly apt "You'll Never Walk Alone" plays, guests decked out in Anfield red watch the couple's entrance preceded by a replica of the European Cup, reminding everyone that Liverpool used to win trophies people care about. Mrs Han explains their motivation on the YouTube video:

In late 2001, thought [sic] our support for our beloved team,
we met each other @ Official Liverpool FC Fanclub Singapore Branch.

What follow [sic] was a courtship unlike other couples.
Our dates were watching Liverpool FC together every weekend.
Everywhere we go, we were dressed up in idential [sic] LFC tops.

Not your typical wedding order of service
Not your typical wedding order of service

A wedding day is often expensive and only exciting for a short period of time — a lot like Andy Carroll — so it's nice that the couple have dedicated their day to their shared passion, albeit in lieu of any sense of decadence. We can only hope the DJ busted out the Anfield rap at the reception that make things a little classier.

H/T the always awesome 101GG

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