Costa Rica’s Joel Campbell got Matt Besler booked and suspended with a blatant dive

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Costa Rica and Arsenal striker (currently on loan at Olympiakos) must really hate U.S. defender Matt Besler with every fiber of his being. In the 75th minute of Costa Rica's 3-1 over the United States on Friday, Campbell showed Besler up by outrunning him and scoring the final goal of the match to ruin any chance of a U.S. comeback. And just to be sure he not only ruined Besler's night, but his whole week, Campbell then executed a blatant dive behind Besler's back three minutes later (video above).

Though the referee didn't even see it, Campbell's acting got Besler booked and suspended for Tuesday's important match against Mexico due to yellow card accumulation. The decision cannot be appealed, so Besler will be forced to watch from the stands with Jozy Altidore and Geoff Cameron, who were also shown one too many yellow cards.

Here's video of the goal:

All of this happened with three-minute span, remember. As awful of a decision as the Besler yellow was, the referee was mostly fair on the night. Both sides were shown three yellow cards and Costa Rica players were booked for simulation earlier in the match, so the referee wasn't systematically letting that slide.

So what did Besler do to get such cruel treatment from Campbell? Here are several possibilities:

-He made one too many Campbell's Soup jokes.
-He told Campbell that he has supreme control of the planet's weather and he is the one who made it snow during the U.S.'s 1-0 win against Costa Rica in March.
-He said something to the effect of, "Arsenal would rather start Nicklas Bendtner than you. Nicklas Bendtner!"
-He repeatedly called Campbell "Nicklas Bendtner."
-He said Campbell's girlfriend should leave him for Nicklas Bendtner.
-He didn't do anything and Campbell is more evil and conniving than Walter White from Breaking Bad.

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