Copenhagen's animated cannonball destruction tifo is next level stuff

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

FC Copenhagen fans went all out with their tifo for the New Firm derby match against Brondby and you really have to watch the video above to fully appreciate it. The giant display featured a cannon aimed at Brondby Stadium. Once it was completely unfurled, fans above the display moved a cannonball image (complete with sound effects) from the cannon, making their way towards the stadium.

Once the cannonball was dropped on the stadium, that panel of the display was dropped down to reveal the burning destruction the cannonball caused.

Then a second cannonball was fired (again, with sound effects) as actual black smoke emerged from under the stadium image.

A second panel was then dropped, revealing further fiery wreckage to the stadium. Finally, the entire display was dropped down to reveal an entirely different image that read "Copenhagen is ours!" as fans in the lower section waved their flags.

That alone was a show worth the price of admission. The match that followed ended in a 1-1 draw, leaving Copenhagen fans the clear winners on the day.

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