Copenhagen christen renamed stand by smashing giant bottle of beer into it

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

When a corporate sponsor buys the right to rename a part of a stadium, fans sometimes take issue with it and bemoan the loss of another piece of their club's soul. But this probably made it worthwhile to Copenhagen fans.

Carlsberg recently bought the naming rights to the C-stand at Copenhagen's Parken Stadium, so to christen it, they rigged up a humongous bottle of Carlesberg and smashed it into the side of the stand, sending beer and bottle pieces cascading down the aisles (or so it appears). And why would they willingly cover an area where people have to sit in shards of giant bottle and beer suds? Considering the fact that the Parken Stadium has been around since 1990, this probably isn't the first broken bottle that stand has experienced.

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