If it continued... (Arsenal vs. Man City)

Brooks Peck

The highly anticipated showdown between offensive-minded Arsenal and defensive-minded Man City ended in a predictable 0-0 draw on Wednesday. Arsenal fans complained about Roberto Mancini's anti-Arsenal approach, while others applauded how Mancini learned from previously getting burned by trying to battle Arsenal at their game. But the old question remains: What if it continued?

97' -- Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas stomps across the pitch and demands Roberto Mancini tell his team to let Arsenal score since they are playing beautifully and thus deserve to win. Mancini says no. Unable to formulate a convincing rebuttal, Fabregas emits a high-pitched groan instead. Mancini is unsure how to respond.

101' -- Emmanuel Adebayor begins to weep over his crippling indecision regarding whether he would rather attack Arsenal or Man City players.

108' -- Samir Nasri is frozen with the all-consuming fear of being De Jong'd. He would have worn a stab vest, but he knows it would be worthless in protecting him.

112' -- Jo breaks out in spontaneous laughter on the bench over the fact that he started this match.

123' -- Mancini suggests his players form a human wall in front of their goal, but Joe Hart says he has it covered.

130' -- Andrei Arshavin's attempts to sneak in on goal by making Man City think he's just a lost mascot boy continue to fail. He starts to regret his haircut.

136' -- Arsene Wenger tries to smother Mancini with his oversized puffy coat.

139' --Theo Walcott runs fast.

141' -- Carlos Tevez wonders how he could still be captain even after demanding a transfer. The thought is fleeting, though, as he is instantly distracted by the deliciousness of his own snood.

145' -- Adebayor appears out of nowhere and attacks anyone and everyone he can. Robin Van Persie flees. The match is abandoned. Nigel De Jong would get involved, but he is too overcome by the beauty of the moment.

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