The complete list of places linked to Pep Guardiola

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Pep Guardiola has been living a quiet life with his family in New York City since beginning his self-imposed exile from football at the end of last season. Though the sport has continued on without him, Guardiola remains the most wanted man in the game as he looks to take a new job next season. In the newly released video above, he says he would like to work in England, but this comes a day after he reportedly reached a deal with Bayern Munich (that has since been denied). So where is the Golden Pep going? The following is a complete list of every destination to which Guardiola has been linked over the last few months.

-Manchester United
-Manchester City
-Bayern Munich
-Harchester United
-Melchester Rovers
-Boston Red Sox
-Surrey Storm
-Sporting PleaseMakeItStop
-JustPickATeam FC
-AndSaveUsFromTheIncessantSpeculation United
-Real YouCruelCruelMan
-FK ItsMakingTheChildrenCry

We can only hope that Guardiola settles on a decision soon so we can move on to new and exciting things. Like where Jose Mourinho will go next.

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UPDATE: And just like that, Pep is officially going to Bayern after all. Now click on all of those clicks and revel in all of that wrong speculation.

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