Comical clearance attempts set up Chicharito for Mexico winner

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Mexico beat Bosnia-Herzegovina 2-1 in a very wet Chicago friendly on Thursday night, with the added-time winner coming from Chicharito. The Manchester United striker also had a bit of help from Bosnia's Stojan Vranjes.

With the score at 1-1 in injury time, Vranjes' misfortune began when his attempt to head the ball out of Bosnia's box failed. When the ball came back to him, he volleyed the ball straight up into the air, which he decided was a good setup for a bicycle kick. Well, he appeared to completely botch that attempt, allowing the ball to bounce to Chicharito right in front of goal for the winning poke-in.

In fairness to Vranjes, the rain-slicked ball and pitch probably had something to do with his difficulties. But even if they didn't, at least it was just a friendly.

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