Colombian man hides 24 pounds of marijuana in Leo Messi portrait

Dirty Tackle

Probably the most drug-filled Leo Messi portrait you'll see today (

The folks at DT don't know enough about hiding drugs to know the logistics of concealing marijuana inside a portrait, but it surely must involve a dash of ingenuity and plenty of cunning. It takes less cunning, however, to make the portrait of an extremely popular South American football star, and then carry it on a public bus through Colombia.

reports on a story first published in Colombian newspaper El Heraldo:

Colombian police have arrested a man carrying 11 kilos [24 pounds] of marijuana hidden in a large framed picture of Leo Messi.

The incident occurred when the authorities stopped a bus journey from the Colombian town of Sabanalarga, and discovered the drug within the Argentinean star's portrait.

The drug transporter, pictured in the blue polo shirt above, now awaits a trial for using the Barcelona star's image in vain.

Police on the scene, meanwhile, noted that they haven't seen an Argentinean footballer that full of recreational drugs on public transport since Diego Maradona rode the Greyhound through town.

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