This is how close Andy Carroll came to equalizing in the FA Cup final

Brooks Peck
Dirty Tackle

Didier Drogba put Chelsea 2-0 up on Liverpool in the FA Cup final and it seemed like they were strolling to a comfy win. But then Andy Carroll entered the match and tried to take it back for Liverpool all by himself.

Carroll scored in the 64th minute to make it 2-1 as Chelsea's defending devolved into a shambles and Liverpool retained possession at a Barcelona-esque clip. With time running out Carroll headed the ball on goal and Petr Cech slapped it up at the crossbar and out for Branislav Ivanovic to clear. Carroll thought he had his second goal (and celebrated like he did), but the linesman decided the ball didn't quite make it all the way over the line.

Even with replays and still images, it's difficult to tell, but it appears the tough call was a correct one as the ball was obscured by the white of the crossbar in the image above. But Carroll might have had a chance to make the matter irrelevant by tapping in the rebound had he not veered off to celebrate instead.

From there, Chelsea held on to win their seventh FA Cup and deny Liverpool a domestic cup double. But, wow, you really can't get much closer to equalizing than that.

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